SuperComputing 2016
ExaScale Scientific Data Transfers using Software Defined Networking

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Salt Lake City, Utah - During the SuperComputing 2016 (SC16) conference November 13-18, an International team of high energy physicists, computer scientists, and network engineers led by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), YALE, University of SanDiego and SPRACE together with teams from UMich, FIU, Vanderbilt and support from vendors including Dell, Mellanox, QLogic, Chelsio, Color-Chip, Inventec, Pica8 and Spirent worked together to demosntrate Exascale data flow transfers across an highly intelligent SDN network. This work is being supported by SCinet Network Research Exhibition (NRE) and presented at the INDIS workshop INDIS.

The group arranged a list of innovative talks on the cutting edge technolgies and upcoming solutions, click for more details.

SDN Demonstrations

SDN demonstration revolves around an OpenFlow topology connecting 7 different booths and 5 WAN connections. Some of the WAN connections are built using the NSI and then stitched using the custom SDN application. This helps in creating an intelligent design where large flows traverse across various paths based on either the shortest or fastest routes availability. Remote NSI paths are shows in the picture below. An interesting aspect is that all the remote switches were controlled by a single controller in the Caltech booth at the show floor.

SDN Tbit/sec Network


High Speed DTN demonstrations at 1Tbps

With the recent scientific innovations and continuous outcomes in the major fields like LHC, Genomis, Astronomy, Oceanlogy, the data volumes are increasing and require efficient protocols and mechanisms to transport across the globe. A The group demonstrated data transfers at 900Gbps among a single pair of servers.


This work is made possible by the strong support of the US Department of Energy Office of Science and the National Science Foundation.

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